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INDIA: On the Frangipani•Plumeria

A ccording to the Hindus, Buddhists and the Muslims, the tree is an emblem of immortality, because of its extraordinary capacity of continuing to produce flowers and leaves even after it has been uprooted. For this reason the tree is frequently planted near temples by the Hindus and the Buddhists. The Muslims plant it near the graveyards, where daily, the fresh creamy blossoms fall upon the tombs. The flowers are offered at the temples by the Hindus and Buddhists.

INDIA: On the Frangipani•Plumeria

Paraguay•Brazil•Argentina: On the creation of the IGUAZU Falls

T his myth came to me, sitting in a restaurant in Foz do Iguacu, near the Iguazu falls, sharing my meal with a big tourist group from Brazil, luckily some spoke Spanish, so did Leticia, the Lady sitting near me. She was impressing, huge all around, wearing piles of make up around her big eyes and on the head, what was looking like a big rolled up black mamba- her abundant, carefully draped hair. Paraguay•Brazil•Argentina: On the creation of the IGUAZU Falls

On Folklore

W hat is a legend in one time and place may be a myth in another time and place, a Märchen (or fairytale) in another time and place [and called religion in yet another time and place.] On Folklore