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I travel. I listen to stories. I collect them.

I am a wondering historian, visiting people and places where fascinating myths and legends are remembered.

I feel it’s time to make a multilingual web page to share these stories.

That’s all. No big reason.


Explore Myths and Legends around the world

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As you explore bizarre and interesting stories about people, plants and places, please remember that all of them were preserved so they could be used over and over again, feel free to share and download.


“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Philip Pullman

A spark of curiosity or a pressing question, the desire to learn more about the culture that gave rise to a myth, draws me seek out others whose knowledge and passion can deepen my own understanding and appreciation of a place. Slowly and attentively I try to immerse in a culture and highlight remarkable places and the people that are linked with them. People do make a place, it is not only the look of the landscape, the art, the history, myths and legends- it is the people. The contacts – fleeting ones usually, not the brushing of the crowd, but those moments when just for an instant I feel I have come close to the meaning of a place. Because communication and conversations – STORIES – really these are at the heart of earthstoriez.



By delving into stories and traditions of local cultures, we can explore the similarities that run through the earth- local history, myths, folklore, legends, customs, proverbs, recipes and songs are a great way of connecting to a shared heritage, and an excellent way of learning about cultures: my own and other peoples. Appreciating how we’re different and how we are all the same, because the passing on of traditions and local stories are intrinsically human, and something we can all come together to share.

We are made out of stories: in all their amazing, stunning, perception-changing complexity, diversity and magic.

English isn’t my native language and I have the impudence to write also in other languages; not often good but for that seldom. Anyway, you will find different writing styles and languages. I’m an amateur writer with a multilingual web page. Enjoy.

Here are a few of my favorite stories, go read, why don’t you? And thank you.


Memory, Modernity and Identity

INDIA: On the Banyan Tree

On Tree Lore

ARGENTINA | PARAGUAY | BRAZIL : On the creation of the IGUAZU Falls

PARAGUAY: On the origins of MATE

CHINA: On the origins of TEA

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4 thoughts on “INFO

  1. Wunderbare Seite. Interessante und lehrreiche Beiträge. Von Herzen empfehlenswert. ❤

  2. I think it’s so important to share stories, as that’s why we travel in the first place.

    From hearing others stories, the direction of my life has changed several times. We often think that it’s important to find stories from interesting people, quoting things that famous people have said, but in all this we forget that everyone has such a unique and interesting story, though it’s just generally not heard. I am yet to meet someone without an interesting life.

    As I meet people on my travels around the world, I hear things that you can’t find in any book or in any quotes, and listening to what others have to say regardless of their age is what makes this life so enriching.

    As someone once told me in George Town, Penang; “it’s never too late to have a happy childhood” and I think it’s important to listen to people’s stories, the same way we did with awe and wonder when we were children.

  3. Qué bonitas historias! Me encanta poder leer leyendas de lugares en los que no he visitado o que nunca me contaron. Enriquecedor y Lindísimooooo!
    Un beso fuerte!

  4. Se dimentichiamo le nostre leggende, temo che dovremmo chiudere una porta importante all’immaginazione ~ James Christense
    Divulgare Storie é aprirsi al dialogo, é vivere pienamente e con leggerezza la nostra quotidianità.
    Grazie per questo grande patrimonio dell’umanità.

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